Rikki’s Swim Profile

About Rikki

I have been working here at The Junction for 3 years and am still enjoying everything new and old that comes my way, I started my career on a modern apprenticeship as a lifeguard/rec attendant which I did for the first 2 years and in this time I’ve helped with holiday clubs and general coaching to swim teacher assisting which was a really good experience.

I then got promoted to a duty manager where I was still coaching and assisting for a while but then decided it was time I started to try a teach my own classes so I enrolled onto a swim teachers course and with all my experience with helping it really paid off for me as am now a full qualified swimming teacher and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made as am having fun teaching and coaching and just generally working here and hope to continue having fun and learning new things to help build a good future here at The Junction.


  • STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming

  • NPLQ - National Pool Lifeguard Qualification

  • 3 Day First Aid Certificate

  • DBS Checked