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Swimming Academy Update

When The Junction closed on Friday 20th March 2020, all our Swimming Academy users had two/three weeks still left of lessons. Today we are still not certain of a re-opening date, and what changes/restrictions will be in place. We have therefore taken the present decision to transfer the Swimming Academy as was on 20th March 2020, to re-commence Week Commencing 7th September 2020. So the day/time you finished in March, will now be the exact day/time you will re-commence W/C 7th September 2020 for the remaining three complete weeks in September. 

The following term will commence Monday 28th September, and will be a 12 week term, information on this term (re-enrolment etc.) will be given/sent out early September. 

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on ngillespie@thejunctionbroadstone.co.uk

The Junction Swimming academy offers a full programme of swimming lessons throughout the year for adults and children aged from six months upwards. Our aims are to progess confidence in the water as well as learning what a vital life skill swimming can be. The Junction Sports & Leisure Centre has always prided itself on providing swimming tuition of the highest quality, in January The Junction implemented the International Learn to Swim Programme (ILSP) drawing on the STA’s wealth of experience to provide exemplary standards of swimming tuition going forward. Our aim for all children participating in our lessons is for them to enjoy the water and realise the fun that can be had in a safe environment by building confidence in their own ability, whilst learning that ever important essential life skill. We continually assess the children and have the warmest pool in the area.
Contact Nick Gillespie
(Centre Manager) by email -
for more information.


0 - 6 months 
Parent & child swimming in a calm relaxed gentle approach to water.  A great bonding experience for parent & child.  Leading to Nursery/Toddler lessons.


3 months - 18 months
Introduction to swimming where parent and babe learn together getting the child used to the water. Builds confidence through Songs, movement also covers early skills and development. 


18 months - 2½ years 
A progressive class where parents assist in the learning process.  Developing independent swimming skills and moving more freely around the Pool.


2 - 3 ½ years 
A transitional class from Toddlers lesson to the next step away from parent in the water.


2½ - 4½ years  
Children progress in a fun and friendly atmosphere towards their Stanley 1-4 

Ducklings Adv

2½ - 4½ years
Children progress more independently using floats and woggles for aids. Children are required to be able to travel on front and back 5 metres unaided.


Developing basic safety awareness, the ‘Class’ scenario, basic movement skills & water confidence skills, swimmers may use aids, e.g. Woggles, floats etc.

Fishes Adv

Developing safe entries to the water including jumping in, basic floating, travel front & back up to a distance of 5 metres, plus rotation to regain upright positions.


Developing safe entries including submersion travel up to 10 metres on their front & back, progress rotation skills and water safety knowledge. At this stage the swimmer will be assessed without the use of aids & support.


Developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique for all strokes, and swimming 20 metres to a given standard as directed by the STA.


Developing and working on technique on all strokes and swimming 50 metres to a given standard as directed by the STA. Building stamina, to work towards swimming lengths.


Developing ‘Watermanship’ through sculling and trading water skills and complete rotation, also performing all strokes for a distance of 100 metres to the given standards as provided by the STA within the ILSP resources.


Developing effective swimming skills including co-ordinated breathing across all strokes for a distance of 200 metres using a stroke of the swimmers choice, developing the water safety aspects & learn basic personal survival skills.


Developing quality stroke technique up to 400 metres, incorporating skills already learnt, also learning basic personal survival skills.


An introduction into competitive swimming. Develops speed & endurance. Also working on timed swims.


A continuation of whales. Working on schedules rather than structured lessons, working on self-discipline and motivation. 

Junior Lifeguard Training

Lifesaving skills introduced in a fun and structured atmosphere, for all 7 + years. Get involved in exciting new aquatic activities and develop first aid, survival and rescue skills


If you would like to discuss your child’s progress, or have ideas on how to help your child learn more effectively, please contact the Centre Manager Nick Gillespie on 01202 777766 or email ngillespie@thejunctionbroadstone.co.uk. We welcome your questions and feedback. Classes are 30 minutes in duration and follow the STA Swim Awards Scheme.

Monday - Sunday Lessons  
Start Date: W/C 10 April 2020
Finish Date: W/C 27 July 2020
Duration: 14 weeks
Course Fees:  
Junior Gold Members £77.00
Junior Bronze Members £77.00
Non Members £91.00
Junior Lifeguard Lessons  
Start Date: W/C 20 April 2020
Finish Date: W/C 27 July 2020
Duration: 14 weeks
Enrolment Fee: £14.00
Weekly Session Fees:  
Junior Bronze/Gold Members £4.10
Non Members £4.85

> Re-enrolment week: W/C 23 March 2020
> Last week of classes for present term: W/C 30 March 2020
> Change of day or time: Sunday 29 March - Saturday 4 April 2020
> New swimmers may book: Sunday 5 April 2020 onwards